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Years of

My Journey in Martial Arts

Explore Sifu Javier Fernandez’s remarkable journey and dedication to martial arts.

  • Over 45 years of martial arts experience
  • Dedicated student of Wing Chun since the 1980s
  • Training under the guidance of Sifu Sam Hing Fai Chan
  • Extensive cross-training in various martial arts disciplines
  • A Level 3 Wing Chun Instructor under Master Chan
“I’ve dedicated my life to martial arts, constantly seeking knowledge, and embracing the rich traditions of Wing Chun, blending them with other martial disciplines. It’s a journey of endless learning and evolution.”
Sifu jaf
Wing Chun Master

Sifu JaF –
A Lifetime Dedicated to Martial Arts

Sifu Javier Fernandez’s journey in the world of martial arts has spanned over four decades, marked by unwavering dedication and a thirst for knowledge. At the age of 9, he embarked on his martial arts odyssey under the guidance of Sensei Carlos Lopez, mastering Shotokan and Kyokushinkai, earning a black belt in the original style of his teacher, Grand Master Carlos Lopez “Semai-do Karate.” In 1981, his pursuit of martial excellence led him to Sifu Celso Davila’s “Lee Jun Fan & Filipino Kali” Academy in Puerto Rico, where he delved into Jun Fan kung-fu, Wing Chun, Kali/Arnis, boxing, kickboxing, and grappling. This transformative experience ignited his passion for synthesizing various martial arts disciplines.

Returning to Miami in 1987, Sifu Javier continued his journey, seeking wisdom from several great masters, including Aikido, Ju-jitsu, Kali/Arni, boxing, and Krav Maga. Years of rigorous training culminated in the achievement of a black belt in Sanuces Ryu Ju-Jitsu under Dr. Philep Chenique and Grand Master Arturo Morera, becoming an integral part of the “Atemi Ryu Certified Tactical Instructors.” His relentless pursuit of martial arts excellence led him to Sifu Sam Hing Fai Chan, with whom he continues to train regularly, fostering a deep bond of mentorship and guidance. Sifu Javier’s impressive martial arts journey culminates in his status as a Level 3 Wing Chun Instructor under Master Chan, a testament to a lifetime of commitment and unyielding dedication to the martial arts path.


Honoring the Wing Chun Tradition

Learn about the esteemed lineage of Wing Chun, passed down through generations.

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