Our Legacy of Martial Excellence

Embark on a journey through our lineage, a path illuminated by the wisdom of martial arts masters.

Celebrating Ip Man’s Legacy

Discover the remarkable life and contributions of Grandmaster Ip Man, the legendary martial artist who played a pivotal role in popularizing Wing Chun around the world. From his early years to his invaluable teachings, learn about the man who influenced generations of martial artists.

Explore how the legacy of Grandmaster Ip Man endures through his sons, Ip Chun and Ip Ching, who received the best of his teachings as his “closed-door” students. Their commitment to preserving and sharing Wing Chun continues to impact martial arts practitioners worldwide.

Discover the extraordinary journey and contributions of Sifu Chan, a revered martial artist who played a pivotal role in carrying forward the teachings of Wing Chun. Learn about his early years and invaluable experiences, and how he continues to inspire martial artists around the world.

Get to know Sifu Javier Fernandez, the dedicated founder of “JAF WING CHUN.” With over 45 years of martial arts experience, his journey from Puerto Rico to Miami, and his training with various Masters, Sifu Javier exemplifies the essence of dedication and passion in Wing Chun.

Experience the heart of Wing Chun by delving into the art’s traditions and philosophy. From the foundational Sil Lim Tau form to the advanced Biu Gee form, explore the core elements that make Wing Chun a distinctive and effective martial art.

This section aims to provide visitors with a deeper understanding of the legacy and traditions surrounding Wing Chun, offering a glimpse into the martial art’s rich history and its impact on the present.

Carrying the Flame Forward

Gran Master Ip Chin and Master Sam Hing Fai Chan

Our lineage continues with Gran Master Ip Chin and Master Sam Hing Fai Chan, the torchbearers who nurtured the art of Wing Chun.

A Legacy of Mentorship

Master Sam Hing Fai Chan and Sifu Jaf

Explore the transition of wisdom from Master Sam Hing Fai Chan to our own Sifu Jaf, a journey rooted in dedication.