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Discover the rich tradition of Wing Chun through our comprehensive curriculum.

learn all three sections.

Our curriculum is divided into three core sections, each essential for mastering the art of Wing Chun.

Sil lim tau

Sil Lim Tau, the foundation of Wing Chun, hones your skills in close combat and proper energy exertion and striking techniques.

chum kiu

Chum Kiu introduces dynamic footwork to control distance, and teaches the crucial aspects of balance and body unity, vital for effective combat.

biu gee

Biu Gee focuses on striking power and precision, with singularly focused strikes and advanced techniques for close combat.


Discover our pricing options designed to make Wing Chun training accessible to all aspiring students.

group classes


Join one of our group programs for an affordable monthly fee of $180.00 and train with fellow students.

Private + group classes


Both private and group lessons for $400.00 a month, tailored to your training schedule.



Acquire the essential uniform for a one-time payment in addition to the initial membership fee.

FAQ – Curriculum

In the group plan, you can take up to 8 classes per month, depending on your attendance.

In case of a missed monthly membership payment, a $40.00 resubscription fee applies. If membership fees have increased, the new rate will apply upon resubscription.

Classes at JAF WING CHUN typically last 50 minutes. School opens from 6:45 PM to 9:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with the actual class starting at 7:00 PM.

Private class durations are typically 50 minutes. However, the length of private lessons can vary based on individual arrangements. For further details about private lessons, please reach out to Sifu Jaf.

The initial sign-up cost varies based on your chosen plan. The initial sign up can be as little as $215.00 for the whole month.

All students begin at Level 1 with the Sil Lim Tau form. It’s the foundational form that teaches fundamental principles and techniques, laying the groundwork for your Wing Chun journey.

Certainly! Private students are allowed to attend all group activities once Sifu determines you are ready, without any extra charge. This ensures you have access to comprehensive training.

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